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Our recruiting Process

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    Are you the one we are looking for?

    We’re looking for consultants with an intrapreneur spirit that will unleash their potential with us. 

    If you’re a team player at heart with some professional experience in one of our four Business Lines, we’d gladly have you on an interview!

    In term of language, English (or German for Germany, French for France) is mandatory to exchange with us and our ecosystem. We also favor those who are proficient in one of our national language (French, Dutch, or German) and have a decent understanding of the other.

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    Review of your application

    After receiving your resume online, our team will screen your application to check/determine if your skills and experiences match the profile of the position. We will come back to you usually within a week.

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    First contact with SteepConsult

    Applicants selected after a first CV screening will be invited for rounds of telephone, video, or face-to-face interview with our internal team.

    We’ll dive into who you are and get to know your experiences and career expectations.

    Expect the conversation to be a two-way street! We will give some more insight into SteepConsult and potential missions as well.

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    Functional Validation

    The functional validation is a telephone or video call with one of our consultants who performs the same function. We will focus on your competencies, skills and points of improvement for your future role.

    This also gives you the opportunity to talk to and ask questions to one of our consultants.

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    Final Round with one of our Partners

    After a positive evaluation by our consultant, there might be a final interview with one of the partners of SteepConsult

    We want to make sure that there’s a fit with our company and that this position is the perfect one for you.

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    Hiring Proposal

    After a successful presentation we will make you a contract offer, which we would like to present to you personally.

    Here we will go into more detail about you, your career paths and our benefits. This call usually takes place in person or in Teams with our recruiter and HR leader.

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    Onboarding at Steep

    Welcome to SteepConsult! 

    Your first day takes place with an onboarding call by our HR team before we hand you over to your mentor from the department. You will receive further onboarding from our Evolution department during your first weeks.

Why our coworkers love working with us

Small size business in a large international group

We are around 100 consultants at Steep but we are part of much bigger ecosystem: The Positive Thinking Company. The latter is well funded and has a Tech orientation, counting more than 3500 employees worldwide.

So you benefit from both of the best worlds: proximity and leverage!

  • Boost your career

    Our dedicated team of Career and Evolution managers design a tailor-made evolution program, just for you!
  • Choose your project!

    Not happy on a mission you chose? We will change mission in accordance with our clients. As simple as that.

    Today we have an overflow of projects. Thus, we will always find the one where you can bring the more added value.
  • We activate you!

    We want you to feel at ease to deliver the best of you. We help, guide and activate you thanks to our communities of expert that share tips and tricks, experiences, problems, solutions and good vibes.
  • Feedback is how we grow

    We listen to your ideas. If you'd like to bring them to life, alone or with a team, we will support you!
  • Regularly listed best partner!

    Our clients thank us for our bringing them added value. We are regularly listed best Partner for some of our clients.
  • Package & mobility policy

    Our legal and financial departments worked hand in hand with the fiscal authorities to create and validate the best possible packages.

    We are working on an Employee-centric policy that gives all employees a flexible option, to choose mobility solutions from a catalog via the employer and catalog
  • We know each other!

    We pride ourselves in knowing all our consultants in details.

    We make regular, informal points with you to check whether the mission is still up to your standards.
  • We love diversity!

    Whoever you are, no matter what your background is, we give you equal chances!

Get mentored and share your knowledge with other consultants

At SteepConsult, communities are a big part our the consultant experience! Do you want to build your network, gather a taskforce on a topic you cherish, or share knowledge with like-minded people?

Communities are here for you!

Checkout our Community Success Story
Victoria Moussoux
Your Work & Life Coach

Feel at peace in your daily work

Is performance worth it, if you do not feel well?

This is why we’re lucky to have Vic’! She’s our Work & Life Coach who helps you being more serene in your daily work. Victoria started as a Senior Business Manager and now, guess what…? She evolved to become our dedicated Work & Life Coach!

Today, she guides and coaches Steepers, whether they simply want someone to talk, or are looking for counselling and tools to overcome personal & work-related challenges.

Better Call Vic!

Succes Stories

Suc ces sto ries

Picture of Martin De Terwangne
Martin De Terwangne
Business Analyst
Read my success story
Like Martin, kickstart your consulting career
Martin De Terwangne
Business Analyst

Joining SteepConsult was my next step after finishing my master’s degree. I kickstarted my consulting journey by working as a Business Analyst for the excellence centre of a large energy operator.

After getting a thorough training on SAP Project System (the tools I would take care of), I started by managing its evolutive maintenance. It’s however when I started taking care of change requests from Business that I could truly shine as a BA.

1,5 years later, because I master the internal process of Project System, I’m now involved in the analysis of bigger projects. They are more transversal,  require knowledge & experience. I’m also responsible for training managing 2 juniors that now take care of the maintenance and support of the 120 users.

Success stories
Picture of Tanguy Dossin
Tanguy Dossin
Competence Center Leader
Read my success story
Like Tanguy, navigate the business world
Tanguy Dossin
Competence Center Leader

Coming from a chemistry Phd, I’ve switched to IT and moved in consulting as Business Analyst, Functional Analyst, Test Analyst, and finally Project Manager. I fell in love with the last one and explored many different industries and client types!

What kept me motivated is the diversity of challenges that I’ve faced, the hundreds of different people I’ve worked with, and the multi-faceted skillset I’ve developed.

If you’ve been living in Belgium, chances are high that projects I took part have impacted your life in one way or another!

As of today, I evolved toward more coordination and less operation. I’m now leading our Project & Programme competence center, coaching 4 people internally, 2 others in an association and I’m highly involved in CSR at group level.

Success stories

Our people-first team

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