Change Management Community

Our work often impacts other people and by extension their emotions.

Business progress is (too) often depicted with numbers, data sheets and sterile reports. People’s emotions, however, are real and ignoring them causes a lot of trouble (plus, it is kind of uncool).

But, oh God, are emotions complex to deal with.

How to support everyone with Change Management tools & methods

Tools exist, and they are super useful. They also have their limits: it is often up to the experience and/ or know-how of the person using them to make the best out of these methodologies. Success requires a lot of knowledge, experience, even for seasoned change managers.

So, how can we, as a people-centric organization, make sure that everyone can easily find and use all the support they need regarding change management?

Enter, the Change Management Community!

The why & the what behind our Change Management Community

We have a common goal: facilitate access to Change Management knowledge to anyone in the organization, regardless of their mastery of the subject.

Beautiful vision, but how should we proceed from there? Well, we simply asked the people it would impact!

Using design thinking methodologies, we interviewed may of our colleagues to find out:

That amounted to a lot of information! Thanks to workshops, brainstorms and a lot of coffee, the community translated this raw data into problem statements. These problems quickly turned into projects, and projects, into tasks.

How to build a community
Community Building by making Conscious Choices – Inclusion Now Community

How do we make the magic happen

We have a session every week between 12 & 1 on Fridays to follow up on how everyone is doing with their self-appointed tasks. Anyone who has the time, the energy, and the willingness to come and request help from others is welcome to do so. But no peer pressure is allowed! No one will hold it against you if you miss a session 😉

A community wouldn’t be one without some personal connection. That’s why we start every session with some icebreakers to discover more about each other!

Despite being centred around the same topic and mission; we are especially proud of the variety of profiles in the community! What started out as a change management initiative, got analysts, project managers, and even engineers to join! How to address change is indeed a pain point shared by many different roles in a company.

The 6 Golden Rules of our Community

And that’s all folks?

Of course not! Spreading knowledge about change management across our whole organization is a lovely mission, but there’s even more this dynamic group can realize!

Thus, not only do we focus on building a toolbox, but we also organize:

What about joining the crew?

Whether you’re a seasoned Change Manager, a Junior PM eager to hone your people skills, or simply someone curious, there’s place for you in the community!

Check out our open positions