January 10, 2022
3 min.
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How we managed delivery of a Digital Billing Transformation MVP

Context of our mission

Our client is a digital services and communication solutions provider, serving both businesses and consumers on the local and international levels. They requested our help on a digitalization project concerning their billing department.

Goals of the mission 

Our client wanted to deliver a one-stop-shop app, so that its digital savvy clients could: 

  • Interact with Billing Data in digital channels (App and Web) 
  • Access billing data on a single source of truth 
  • React on billing process delays and complaints 
  • Create a strategic positioning for Billing (towards clients and partners)

On top on sustainability aspects and the obvious costs in paper spared for our clients, they wished for their business to:  

  • reduce the time needed to collect cash
  • reduce workload of their customer’s service

Challenges of the mission 

With big ambitions come complex challenges:  

  • Simplification and connection of a lot of complex internal data
  • Display the data in an interactive, user-friendly way, which would be accessed by different audiences
  • Combine a modus operandi of working both in hybrid and agile mode
  • Coordination of a small, very multidisciplinary team

The project was already ongoing since a year, but not on the best tracks. Misaligned expectations led to internal team conflicts, which then resulted in repeated delays. A vicious circle that we had to break, before delivering any value. 

Project stakeholders had a good grasp of the short term benefits the solution would bring to their company. However, despite the word “digital transformation” being sometimes mentioned, we felt the team still had a very linear approach to delivering the project.

Tristan Dumont
Managing Partner

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Approach of the mission 

Though, the spirit was there. 

This was an opportunity to have a more central spot in the client exchanges and re-connect the project to the big picture strategy. We thus drafted a bold vision with the team and positioned the app as a platform to embed more services in the future. 

Thanks to team empowerment, a lean approach to Program management and strategic thinking, we challenged the initial linear solution and tapped into current & future trends: 

  • digital  
  • transparent data access  
  • process simplification for end users 
  • business models evolution 

Then, we pitched internally the project as a proper digital transformation MVP, with multiple long-term business benefits: 

  • Anticipation of regulatory changes on billing  
  • Be the first Telco company in Europe to offer a native digital bill.   
  • Expand the project to small and medium enterprises and B2B2C clients  
  • Use billing as a central customer touchpoint for Telco 
  • Embed the billing platform with third parties (google play, Istore, Parking, micromobility, etc.) 

Real digital transformation does not add a layer on top of existing processes but shifts mindsets. After obtaining this mandate, we started creating a space for the client team to: 

  • trust each other,
  • collaborate effectively,  
  • get empowered by management,  
  • be visible at corporate level,  
  • be proud of the work done.

Results & benefits

We delivered an MVP for the billing APP that is already used by more than 200k residential customers. Web version is planned to be launched in January 2022. We took a new step into digital transformation at our client’s side by embedding this solution for other segments. 

Digital Bill was selected to showcase the client’s digital first approach at its internal Corporate Strategy Level and in the Customer Centricity Board.