March 31, 2022
2 min.
Use cases

How our Data Governance Program restored our client’s trust in their data

This use case gives an overview of how we supported a trading company in the assessment, the roadmap establishment and the implementation of a data governance program across all its entities.

Key Challenges of our client

Our client is an international trading company. They wanted to become more data-driven and evolve from a system-centric to a customer-centric approach. Their main goal was to generate more value out of their data and have a common understanding of processes and data throughout all countries and entities.

They required our expertise on following topics:

  • Data Quality Management
  • Master Data
  • Data Governance Assessment
  • Data Catalog
  • Data Governance Program

Therefore, our client was looking to:

  • Implement a centralized and standardized data framework including processes, responsibilities and data definitions
  • Get a common understanding and processing of master data for implementing a customer centric approach
  • Align a centralized data strategy to the operating model
  • Improve data quality with a focus on customer and product data

Our Approach

In order to meet our client’s challenges we:

  • Started with a Data Governance Maturity Assessment to assess the current state of its Data Governance through interviews with selected stakeholders
  • Defined the operating model and general governance policies
  • Classified all the data domains and data elements
  • Established the operating model with designation of new roles and board
  • Implemented the new Data Governance program including the required tools
  • Established the data-relevant processes and procedures especially with regards to data quality management, data definition and master data management
  • Implemented a data awareness centralized space where all information and communications are shared internally

Assess your current Data Governance Maturity

If data is not used nor trusted in your organizations, you will not generate any added value from it. How can you assess the situation and where should you start?

With our Data Governance Maturity Check, you will get:
– a Data Governance Maturity Report
– Concrete recommendations
– Operating Model and Roadmap

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The benefits

This project allowed our customer to benefit of:

  • An operational Data Governance program including clear data responsibilities and standardized processes
  • A clear Data Governance roadmap including priorities and recommendations for the top management, which is continuously rolled out
  • Tools selection and implementation supporting all relevant Data Governance disciplines with focus on data quality and master data management
  • Ready to use Data Governance knowledge base with principles and trainings
  • An harmonization of master data especially for customer, product and supplier data
  • data quality optimization tracked via dedicated data quality scorecards
  • Data Lineage combining all relevant source systems