March 10, 2022
2 min.
Use cases

How our Team supported a complex BI Project

Our client is one of the largest automotive financial institutions worldwide. For the last 10 years we`ve collaborated on a huge variety on IT and business projects, including the fields of project management, business analysis and data governance.

Our Client’s context

In one of our projects, we recently supported our client to implement a centralized Data Warehouse for risk reporting, as both national and international financial and regulatory reporting standards were to be complied.

With our teams of experts, we`ve helped our client to react and implement short-term to requirement changes, by forming flexible but sustainable project processes.

Our collaboration over the years

Since 2016, we have been supporting the development of the data warehouse for the central risk and data management of our client.

In particular, we did collaborate in:

  • Requirements engineering
  • Technical support
  • Test support

Since 2018, we have been supporting the national subsidiaries in the worldwide implementation and adaption of the annual data model releases. Doing so, we put much effort in improving the international project management.

In parallel, our business analysts have been supporting the BI competence center in the technical expansion, as well as the optimization of the data warehouse application.

Our latest challenges

Team organization under COVID-19 conditions

  • Re-defining responsibilities
  • Ensuring performance in virtual teams

Requirements management

  • Remote workshops
  • Impact analysis across all requirements
  • Consistent documentation

Design and control

  • Planning of upcoming tasks based on changing framework conditions and constantly re-evaluating projects mission and goals

Risk management

  • Risk analyses
  • Defining measures
  • Designing of emergency plans in case of serious incidents

Our approach

“Team-as-a-service” is our solution for projects in which complex issues are placed in the hands of our competent, well-organized and structured team that solves our clients’ challenges.

  • Team composition adapted to the respective requirements in terms of experience, know-how and skillsets, also taking the right “chemistry“ into account
  • Flexible expansion of the team when specialists are needed, or in case higher workloads are expected
  • Use of best practices for team organization (control, handovers, dailies, ownership,…)
  • Clear and professional communication reaching all necessary team members and stakeholders
  • Team-internal quality assurance mechanisms
  • Ideal framework for efficient collaboration within the team at Steep


Our client now has:

  • Excellent business know-how
  • Well-established a Steep project team that works efficiently even in a virtual setting
  • Aligned responsibilities
  • One-stop-shop offer