September 04, 2023
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A holistic approach to innovation: SteepConsult Partners with Qmarkets!

Partnership Announcement

We’re proud to announce a strategic alliance between SteepConsult and Qmarkets! This partnership brings together Qmarkets’ prowess in innovation platforms with our expertise in innovation management.

A testament to our synergy is the successful implementation of Qmarkets’ ideation product for our own group company, CBTW. This collaboration not only showcased the potential of our combined strengths but also laid the foundation of our alliance.

Challenges we will solve together.

From what we’ve seen, there’s a gap between organizations’ innovation aspirations and the day-to-day reality of operations. This partnership’s goal is to close that gap, by helping our client to:

  • quickly turn ideas into actionable solutions,
  • ensure their innovations are sustainable,
  • navigate the complexities of implementing new strategies.

Qmarkets’ expertise

With Qmarkets, innovations become concrete and tangible.

Qmarkets offers a suite of products that enable businesses to discover high-ROI solutions by tapping into their own innovation network.

Their platform fosters collaboration with stakeholders, from start-ups to experts, streamlining the decision-making process. Organizations can efficiently manage their innovation pipelines and measure efforts against key performance indicators.

Few words from Michael Stilger

I’m delighted that we’ve partnered with SteepConsult and I see a huge benefit for companies in our combined offering. Together, we can help companies to define the best possible strategies for their innovation programs and then to action those strategies through Qmarkets innovation management software toolset.

Michael Stilger Co-founder of Qmarkets and SVP of Global Solutions

SteepConsult’s expertise:

SteepConsult specializes, among other, in innovation management. We ensure our clients have the means to not only innovate effectively but also sustainably, turning visionary ideas into actionable and successful projects.

Few words from Enrico Maset

Innovation is an organization necessity, not a luxury.
At Management level, give it the right mandate!

Position it at the centre of your Business Unit’s strategy
And exploit it with the largest network you can activate

Build trust in innovation, make it transparent and actionable,
Qmarket’s platform is ideal for a culture of value creation that’s sustainable.

Enrico Maset Innovation Strategy Domain Leader at SteepConsult

How will we collaborate?

Together, SteepConsult and Qmarkets will offer a comprehensive innovation management experience. By combining Qmarkets software solutions with SteepConsult’s consulting expertise, we aim to provide businesses with a holistic approach to innovation. Clients can expect a seamless blend of advanced tools and expert guidance, ensuring their innovation initiatives come to life.

Our services in Innovation Strategy

– Identify trends and build new capabilities to exploit them
– Design meaningful, adaptable and achievable strategies
– Become a transformational company that thrives where others suffer

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