Social responsibility

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Our Corporate
Social Responsibility

Since 2016, we have nominated a dedicated team for the group to strengthen and develop our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to our business strategy and operations.

In order to optimize and support the different projects in the organization, we have also appointed in each of our offices referees for each of the Corporate Social Responsibility pillars.

We invite our coworkers to participate actively in defining the framework of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Social Responsibility

Respect for human rights, equality of opportunity and diversity, safety, well-being and health, personal and professional development of our coworkers are fundamental principles guiding our conduct.

The professional and personal skills of our collaborators can be of benefit to numerous initiatives. Volunteer and solidarity activities are encouraged in our spirit of collaborative performance.

Compliance to Business Ethics

In today’s changing business environment, ethical and responsible business practices are more required than ever.

Our international presence, our business activities, our interaction with our clients, the sectors they are involved in and the sensitivity of information we are exposed to, involve an increased vigilance.

We ask from our management as well as from our coworkers especially high standards of compliance to law and business ethics principles, responsible and respectful behavior internally and towards our clients, our competitors, our suppliers, and other parties on the marketplace.

Solidary Involvement

With our program “Learning Together”, for every coworker of Positive Thinking Company, we intend to support the access to education to a person in need. This is our contribution to ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning.


Respect for the environment is encouraged in our daily conduct across our office locations and client premises.

The mobility plan, our computer and digital equipment policy, and reduction of paper use are some examples of our main initiatives.

Our Environmental Charter describes our commitment to progress with a steady pace of improvement.