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Network design should reflect business goals. But it's also important to anticipate how your technology decisions will affect the business moving forward.
Any good network designer knows that design is driven by business. Before starting a network design, you gather business-related information such as locations, scale of the network, internal and external users, how the users will communicate with one another, and how the traffic will flow. But a great network designer should also keep in mind that design decisions may also affect the business -- in the future, if not today.

Certainly we are no strangers to increased regulations, standards and internal policies, and the resulting audits that impact most organizations – often multiple times per year.

While regulations and ensuing IT audits go beyond firewalls and firewall policies, these devices are often a good place to start when it comes to becoming "audit-ready" and gaining continuous visibility of what's going on in your network.

Here are six steps to ensure you ace your next firewall audit:

Step 1: Gathering Pertinent Information Before You Undergo an Audit

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