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SteepConsult is hiring in various fields of technology. A proven track record in delivering services is a prerequisite for experienced hires. The combination of technical and soft skills is valued very highly.

SteepConsult Values

Joining SteepConsult means joining a company and a community of professionals that value quality, excellence and commitment. We live by the highest quality, agility and compliance standards. Excellence is not an act, it’s a habit!

We are committed to our client’s success.

We are a customer and people centric company, committed to our client’s success. 

Our Company Culture summarized:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Transparent communication
  • Team dedication
  • Work hard, play hard!

Integration & Follow-Up

A Pragmatic recruitment process:

We discuss about your skills, your ambitions and we envision a future collaboration during in-person interviews with our Talent Acquisition Officers and Managers.

Our values are strong and we welcome flexibility and adaptability in our hiring process to allow for each expertise to express its potential.

A personalized follow-up:

Starting from the hiring process at SteepConsult, people own their career. We sketch out your career path together, in line with your ambitions. 

From day 1, you become an essential part of SteepConsult and a key-player in the company’s development. You will have the opportunity to participate to, act and lead internal and external projects and address new challenges.

You will have a dedicated Coach to help you frame the steps forward. Today’s challenges and projects will be looked at with an emphasis on your career goals.

Ongoing follow up of your assignments is a must to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Yearly assessment is scheduled to check on your satisfaction with SteepConsult and to make sure your career is on path. 

Career path


You are in control of your own career/ training plan. Together with management, you elect for a training in order to achieve your professional goals.


Your projects and assignments will be defined to fit your own career path. According to your professional goals, together we will choose a project that will make it possible for you to grow.


Because we work only with high pace and/or corporate clients in many complex settings, we offer our team members the chance to work in highly challenging and international environments.

As SteepConsult team member, you live with a purpose: to solve our clients’ problems and support them in reaching their goals. 


With our activities across Europe and USA, you may be interested to work in different locations.

Feel free to let us know where you want to work depending on your ambitions and constraints. 

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