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Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Do not mess up your stakeholders’ expectations…

79% of program failures are partly due to a misalignment of the different stakeholders’ expectations.

The best programs or projects are the ones in line with your business strategy and supported by the organisation as a whole.

To have maximum buy-in from all stakeholders or co-workers, it is essential to be aligned on the Strategic vision.

How does Steep contribute to your success?

In an initial phase, Steep conducts short but powerful workshops to align CEOs with their C-levels, Head ofs with their Leaders, Leaders with their base and transversally…

Once the objective is agreed and the path forward identified, it is easier to have the right commitment to any kind of Program.

To achieve this, Steep delivers great co-worker expectation management through the communication of a high-level Business Roadmap based on a very simple custom methodology.

“Our clients encountered up to 35% less absenteeism by involving a broader audience of their co-workers from day one in the selection phase of their future projects.”

Next is to assess in detail the current Business Processes in order to identify your champion processes and your tracks for improvement.

Because understanding the detailed As-Is Model is key to introduce the To-Be Model. Because understanding the company culture helps resolving the existing or potential sources of frictions.

Only then will you be able to implement the most successful programs.

This will most probably involve major changes and therefore the necessity to adopt a Change Methodology that may differ from one department to another within a same organisation.

Steep assists in giving the right guidance and monitoring by setting up, or improving your PMO activities.

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Our client has always been looking to link innovation and growth. At Steep, we are proud to say that we have been able to help them cope with their expectations.