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Change management

Great organisations are bringing new products and services into the market at a very high pace.

Innovation embodies change as de facto, since it has not been done this way before.

Whilst benefits of Change Management can be listed in long articles, Steep’s experience in successful Program implementation is that you can’t reach your objectives without Change Management.

86% of organisations got programs more successfully implemented thanks to dedicated Change Management.

Resistance to change has become so impactful that the right buy-in, devotion, commitment and fun cannot be obtained without preparing and governing your changes appropriately.

How does Steep help you to reach your goals?

Building from your strengths, not from what is wrong…

As strategic governance experts, Steep will carefully analyse the successful initiatives taken by your own resources.

It is important to bring forward the collective achievements to show that you have been able to tackle issues on your own and that it worked.

However, from experience, most frictions are related to misalignment and/or miscommunication. Taking this into consideration, we have designed our Vision Alignment workshops. Every participant is invited to address current ways of working and is encouraged to co-create the To Be model. We are putting this in practice by physically creating these models thanks to our home-made methodology.

This is the starting point towards a more detailed analysis of the different interdependencies, the identification of the silos and the existing detailed business and IT processes.

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Our client has always been looking to link innovation and growth. At Steep, we are proud to say that we have been able to help them cope with their expectations.