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Teach for belgium

Since 2018, SteepConsult is supporting Teach For Belgium through they recruitment processes. The main objective for TfB is to close the educational gap in Belgium by training more and more future teachers and preparing them to work in high educational priority areas.

What is TfB

Teach for Belgium is an ASBL that is training potential teacher to reduce the education inequalities. On a long-term basis, TfB wants to develop its alumni network and create an experience and skills pool to bring fairness toward the Belgium education. Today teach for Belgium is backed up by the Wallonia-Brussels education ministry.

Why TfB

At Steep, we believe that education must be available for all and that everyone must have equal chances. From our recruitment process where we give a chance to everyone to prove themselves to our internal processes where our consultants are given access to a wide range of training and certifications, we focus on being as fair as possible toward each individual.

Thanks to our CSR strategy we have the opportunity to work hand to hand with an ASBL doing it on a global level. Furthermore, it gives us the opportunity to help the Belgian educational system and hence, to give back to our country.

How is Steep helping?

In this partnership we work hand to hand with TfB and support them during their recruitment process. Thanks to the extensive experience of our internal recruiters, trained in constant improvement, we support them during their recruitment days and follow them in each steps of their recruitment process. By bringing a critical eye during the simulations or their analysis skills during the motivational interview and feedback meeting, our recruiters help TfB during the full recruitment cycle.