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When COVID-19 became an indicator of Change Management!

How to move from crippling anxiety …

I started the day by thinking of all these people affected by the Coronavirus.

To all these families impacted by this terrible disease and by the losses of their beloved.

I was also looking at the stock markets and could barely stand looking at the curves going downwards.

I thought to myself that we would potentially go through horrible times mixing human and economic crises.

So in short nothing was very positive until I started changing my mind.

I thought: “can we stand doing nothing else than avoiding each other, washing our hands and taking care of our affected people. Will we wait until Covid 19’s curve flattens down and surrender up till then?

Maybe this wasn’t the most positive idea…

What if we decided that we would support our economy in a new way, communicate with people in a new way, and keep on with the level of progress as just before this crisis.. in a new way?

… to the search for collaborative solutions?

Then I saw some amazing actions:

  • Telecom companies offering additional data for free
  • Schools creating live programs on a digital platform to keep up with student learnings
  • My team evangelizing our clients on how to still be performant and exchanging positively…

I was amazed to see that little things, when shared more widely, could have an impact on a national level.

Patriotism, general consciousness and willingness to strive against fatality could potentially save our economy from economic unemployment, social crashes and fatality.

If all companies were ready to take change measures, that would limit the impact of COVID-19 without limiting our creativity to deliver things, meaning not shutting down factories but equipping people with material that would allow them not to be contaminated in their workplace. That can be remote working in the service sector and physical protection in the industry market (including decontamination liquids for shoes, hands…).

I could judge the maturity of some companies towards instant change management.

I could hear some of our partners being far more advanced in optimizing work under constraints than others, leading the trend towards best practices…

Then at the very end of the day, I felt suddenly way better when Governments across Europe started to take massive financial measures to support local economies and people.

This became great to feel that such a disaster was taken very seriously and that strong difficult measures were taken overnight to help us keep faith in our lives.

Hence changing our way of working and living together…

So thank you for all these actors that limited the fatality by taking the initiative that would give a better collective way of living together.

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