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Martin: My Agile Story

It’s been a bit more than 6 months I’m curious about the Agile methodology. Working in a transparent and adaptive environment is something I really liked during my traineeship. Although I followed project management lectures during my Bachelor and Master’s degree, I didn’t have much knowledge about the way to work using the Agile methodology, and it could have seemed quite frustrating sometimes during my traineeship. By reading the Agile Manifesto I understood the main philosophy of Agile. However, I found it too abstract and wanted to go further by learning one of the frameworks. This is at that moment I started with Scrum.

The one person who should know the more about the Scrum Framework is the Scrum Master. In my opinion, by passing the Professional Scrum Master certification (PSM1), I would have been sure to know how the framework works and the Agile methodology at the same time. Despite a short professional experience using the main agile values, it took me 2 weeks to study it and pass it.

Trough passing the PSM1 certification, one team member drew my attention: the Product Owner. What I really like in his/her responsibilities is being the product value maximizer by working together with the stakeholders to elicit the requirements and with the development team (and the Scrum Master) to design the product. As SteepConsult cares about feeding the knowledge of their employees, they allowed me to pass the certification. I’m today proud to say that I passed the Professional Scrum Product Owner certification (PSPO1) which was a way to know more about the role of the Product Owner but also the rules and principles of the Scrum framework.

Today I’m still interested in knowing more about Agile and I’m looking forward to live experiences in that environment thanks to SteepConsult.

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